Our Programmes

  • Spiritual speeches (Pravachanas) by well known persons
  • Devotional Songs
  • Astro Time (Grahastiti)
  • Interaction with your Astrologer
  • Interaction with saints and swamiejees to get answers of listeners questions about Puranas, Upanishads, Vedas, Ramayana, Maha Bharata and Bhagavat Geetha.
  • Know about festivals

Add on services (coming soon)

The Radio Archana will provide Pujas, Vrathas, Homas, Shanthis and other Karmas facility to those devotees, who stays at abroad. As per the devotee’s graham stiti, we perform poojas, shanties and japas with Veda Pandits. We also provide poojas, vrathas and other Karmas like shrad karmas at Warnasi, Gaya, Rameswaram, Pampa and other places. The prasadam related to vratams, poojas, homams will be sent to the devotee through courier. The “Add on services” page will be created soon.

  • Morning Panchangnam
  • Procedure of performance of various poojas etc.